Atria's feed industry

Managing environmental impacts

Atria's feed industry

The role of Atria's feed industry in managing environmental impact

Feed production is highly significant for animal husbandry, in both financial and environmental terms. Attention must be paid to feeding animals methodically and procuring feed raw materials. Atria is able to play a part in boosting the environmental efficiency of animal husbandry through its own feed production and nutritional advice. Atria Finland Ltd owns a feed company named A-Rehu Oy, which takes account of the environmental effects of production in its operations:  

A-Rehu uses energy feeds and protein feeds produced as by-products of the food industry to feed domesticated animals, for example:

  • The whey and milk rinse produced as by-products in the dairy industry are good raw ingredients for calf and pig feed. 
  • The excess bread discarded by bakeries is a good grain substitute for cattle. 
  • Grain-based protein substances produced as a by-product of starch and ethanol production are used efficiently in farming, and they have replaced a significant amount of the soya that was imported from South America. 
  • By-products of the potato industry are used efficiently as feed for cattle.  
  • Grain-based energy and protein substances discarded by the brewing industry can be used for cattle and pigs.  

A-Rehu's component solutions favour local Finnish feeds and the use of protein in feeding. On farms, production animals are mainly fed local feed – grain that is grown on the farm or nearby, and cattle are fed grass from the same farm.  In order to make use of all of the by-products of the food industry, A-Rehu manufactures supplementary feeds in its own feed plants. These feeds enable farm-specific feed solutions to supplement the basic feeds (grain and grass) available on the farm or in the local area.  

 Atria has its own feed plant, A-Feed Ltd.