Atria's key social responsibility results and targets regarding employee well-being

Atria Group  
Result 2015 Targets 2016
  • Common targets and process for employer branding at Group level.
  • An employee survey was run in every BA and development actions connected to Atria Way of Work (=values)
  • Development of Atria Group Leadership according to the Atria Way of Leading – information about the principles and implementation in tools.
  • Employees’ expertise in relation to meat technology was boosted at the Atria Meat Technology seminar.
  • Developing uniform indicators for measuring occupational health and safety across Atria Group.
  • Launch the Way of Work and Way of Leading in performance evaluations and the employee survey.
  • Continued:  taking into account within the Group the consistency of communications related to Atria's employer image and corporate communications. More methodical collaboration between HR and communications.
  • Atria's Way of Leading: Group-level coaching for Atria Way of Leading trainers.
  • Atria's Way of Leading: a standardised, Group-level foundation course and module structure in each business area.
  • Further developing consistent occupational safety operating practices.
  • Atria's Way of Leading: trains Atria's supervisors on the principles of leadership at Atria and how the principles can be seen in terms of tools. 
Atria Finland  
Results 2015 Targets 2016
  • Improving employer image communication and the supporting materials and content: methodical construction of an employer image using various communications channels and forms of collaboration.
  • Further improving the recruitment process with a focus on electronic tools.
  • The principles of Atria's Way of Leading have been incorporated into HR development tools: competence analysis, performance evaluations, supervisor training.
  • Further developing occupational safety management and practices.
  • Managing employee well-being: encouraging employees to maintain their working capacity.
  • Recruitment: applying a new interview model when recruiting seasonal employees.
  • Further improving the culture of occupational safety: updates to tools, monitoring and HR development.
  • To reduce total rate of absence due to illness (including all accidents) from 5.67 per cent (2015) to 5.50 per cent.
  • To reduce accident frequency (LTA1) from 49 (2015) to 30.
  • Strategy-oriented training for all personnel groups in accordance with the training plan.
  • Atria's Way of Leading: ensuring that the principles are visible in all supervisory tools and training events. Building separate training modules.
  • Investment in the pig line: personnel involved in planning and realisation.


Atria Scandinavia  
Results 2015 Targets 2016
  • Started implementation of the Atria Way of Leading principles.
  • Conducted an employee survey and an action plan based on the results, using the Way of Work framework.
  • Introduced e-learning training modules.
  • Introduced a common orientation programme for new employees.
  • Increased the rate of internal recruitment to 42 per cent.
  • Atria Scandinavia launched online stakeholder training.
  • Internal recruitment: increase from 42 per cent to 45 per cent
  • Increase the number of women in managerial positions: increase from 21 per cent to 23 per cent
  • Safety: reduce accident frequency from 20 per million hours to 10.
  • Rate of absence due to illness: reduce the rate from 5.7 per cent to 5.5 per cent.
Atria Russia  
Results 2015 Targets 2016
  • Climate survey implementation, improvement action plan. 
  • WoW Awareness, WoL launch at all managerial levels.
  • Company reorganisation support with no labour disputes.
  • PE and talent management continues. 
  • Support competitiveness and attractiveness in the labour market / Retention of human resources.
  • Introduction of WoL and WoW into corporate culture.
  • Internal communication and cooperation improvement.
  • PE, talent management, T&D activities continue.
  • Adjustment of HR and business processes in view of major labour legislation changes.
Atria Baltic  
Results 2015 Targets 2016
  • Launch of the new salary and working time calculation software.
  • Renewing occupational health & safety instructions and risk analysis.
  • Completion of the employee engagement survey – development actions done.
  • Health & Safety at work: deploying Atria's Group-level practices at Atria Baltic.
  • Familiarising supervisors with the principles of the Atria Way of Leading – the principles are visible in various HR tools (performance evaluations, recruitment)