Principles of corporate responsibility reporting

This report describes the impact Atria has on its operating environment and, through its numerous important stakeholders, on society as a whole. The report gives an account of the key events, results and effects in 2015 from the perspective of corporate responsibility, and illustrates how Atria takes corporate responsibility into account in its current and future operations.

In applying its general principles of corporate responsibility, Atria complies with good practice in all of its business areas, while also respecting the various views of its stakeholders with regard to corporate responsibility and ethical business. The company’s operations may not, however, be in conflict with local or international legislation, Group management principles or Atria’s values.

As the basis for its reporting, Atria uses the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines, in which corporate responsibility is viewed from the perspective of economic, social and environmental responsibility. Atria has selected from the GRI guidelines the measurements and indicators that are essential for its operations and stakeholders. The essential areas have been defined on the basis of stakeholder surveys and various studies that have focused on determining what the essential areas are.

This Atria Corporate Responsibility Report has not been certified independently. The text and other presentations in the report do not follow the order or headings recommended by the GRI for the key indicators. However, the GRI content table contains a comparison of the report’s coverage in relation to the GRI G4 recommendations.

The report covers the company’s operations mainly during the financial period 1 January to 31 December 2015.

As a rule, Atria’s Corporate Responsibility Report covers the entire Group. It is an independent report of Atria’s corporate responsibility. The report does not include a governance section, which can be found in Atria’s 2015 Annual Report, available on the Group’s website.

The indicators used to measure corporate responsibility vary greatly across Atria’s various business areas. This is because of the different nature of the operations in these countries. From the point of view of reporting, the most comprehensive set of key indicators is provided for Atria Finland.

The transparency and openness of operations are an integral part of Atria’s corporate responsibility policy. Accordingly, Atria communicates on its corporate responsibility activities to its internal and external stakeholders actively and in a comprehensive and systematic manner. The Safe Atria Quality team is responsible for monitoring and developing Atria’s corporate responsibility.

Atria’s first Corporate Responsibility Report was published in 2009.

For enquiries about Atria’s corporate responsibility, please contact:

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