Management and reporting - principles

General principles*

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of Atria’s corporate culture, and we recognise our responsibility towards all of our stakeholders. Corporate responsibility is integrated into all levels of our operations: targets, values, business strategies, management and everyday work.

We aim to safeguard our current and future operating conditions through responsible operations. In accordance with the principle of sustainable development, we take into account the economic, social and environmental effects of our operations in all of our business areas.

We consider the satisfaction and trust of consumers and customers to be the key preconditions for business and success. Other preconditions for sustainable business are the profitability and competitiveness of operations, responsible management, the competence and commitment of personnel, and the continuous improvement of operations in all areas.

* The Atria Group Management Team approved these general principles for corporate responsibility at its meeting on 22 January 2009.

Corporate responsibility is managed at Group and local level

Atria’s corporate responsibility policy is managed at two levels. Group-level activities include determining shared corporate responsibility principles and ensuring compliance, as well as designing joint development programmes for all business areas. Atria’s annual corporate responsibility reporting is also implemented at Group level.

The promotion of responsibility is part of everyday operational management across Atria’s business areas. Steering groups in the business areas analyse the expectations their key stakeholders have for Atria’s responsibility and initiate development programmes.

In Finland, corporate responsibility management is organised under the Safe Atria Quality function. The team is chaired by Quality Director Seija Pihlajaviita. She is in charge of the company’s product safety and quality as well as of the implementation and development of the Atria’s Handprint corporate responsibility programme. Corporate Responsibility Manager Eeva Juva is in charge of operational responsibility management at Atria Finland. Director Merja Leino has Group-level responsibility for product safety, quality and corporate responsibility issues.