Well-being at work

Personnel responsibility

Well-being at work

Atria recognises the importance of occupational well-being and working capacity. See also employee well-being in numbers.


Employee's own resources

We observe: Achievements:
  • Physical and mental resources
  • Sufficiency of resources in the future
  • In Atria Finland the average retirement age of employees is 63 and the rate of absence due to illness is 5%.

Professional competence

We take note of: Our target:
  • Targets and basic duties
  • Skills now, skills in the future and learning at work

Functionality of the work community

We make observations: This is what we do:
  • Opportunities for each employee to influence the direction of his/her own work
  • Receiving feedback
  • Support from supervisors
  • Support from colleagues and atmosphere
  • Thanks to the personnel survey, performance evaluations, initiative practices, occupational safety practices and regular information events, employees are able to give feedback as part of continuous, systematic development.

Working conditions

We pay attention to: Methods:
  • Tools and methods
  • Working-time arrangements
  • Health and safety at work
  • Burden of work and distributing the burden within the work community
  • Every Atria employee can launch initiatives and can report dangerous situations.
  • Atria uses systematic, standardised occupational safety and occupational health practices. These practices are preventive measures aiming to maintain occupational health throughout employees’ careers.