Developing skills

Personnel responsibility

Developing skills

Skilled, motivated employees guarantee safe, tasty products

The quality of all of the company’s operations and products depends on the personnel. The well-being of personnel is also a key factor for Atria's sustainable growth. Only satisfied, healthy personnel can create a working atmosphere and employer image that make it possible to recruit skilled and motivated personnel.

We use several different indicators to monitor the occupational well-being of our personnel. Our personnel survey has shown that the dedication of Atria's personnel is significantly higher than in organisations in general. The most significant strengths of Atria are the employer image, motivation and management culture. The largest positive changes relate to fair remuneration and effective decision-making.

How does Atria develop employees' skills?

  • Every production employee has a work guidance card, which is reviewed during every occupational well-being meeting
  • Office-based employees undergo a skills analysis known as Oskari, which is reviewed as part of the annual appraisal
  • The focus is on learning at work
  • Business-orientation
  • Proactiveness and planning
  • Making use of internal experts