Our corporate responsibility covers the entire chain - from field to table

Atria's corporate responsibility is visible for the entire journey through our chain, from primary production via the operations in our own plants to customers and the end users of products – consumers. We are in constant interaction with our various stakeholders for the entire journey through the food chain. Listening to stakeholders and taking their wishes into account is one of the main pillars of corporate responsibility.

Atria's corporate responsibility programme is called the Handprint programme and it covers the journey of food from field to table. We take responsibility for monitoring and improving animal welfare, and for the safety, nutritional value and healthiness of our products. We take environmental responsibility into account throughout the entire life cycle of our products, and we develop our employees' expertise and take care to ensure their well-being. Atria is a significant employer and creator of well-being in its region – we have a responsibility to ensure the competitiveness of our company now and in the future. 

Atria's aim is to be open, interactive and transparent. We plan our communications in all channels in compliance with these principles and we are in constant interaction with society via social media. Join us on a journey that follows corporate responsibility work in Atria's chain from field to table. On the way, we will learn about our future objectives for developing corporate responsibility.