Solar energy for local food production

Corporate responsibility

Solar energy for local food production

The low-emission production of Finnish food is part of Atria’s environmental responsibility. Atria is a leader in the use of industrial solar electricity, with a significant solar power park being constructed on the site of its Nurmo plant.  Solar power is a sustainable option that saves natural resources.

Atria’s solar power park, also known as Atria Sun, is the largest solar power park in Finland, as well as being the first solar power park project related to an industrial plant. Atria Sun will produce fully renewable, emission-free Finnish energy for the food product industry – locally produced energy.

A total of 24,000 solar panels will be installed on the site of the Nurmo plant. They will generate 5,600 MWh of power annually. Solar energy will meet around 5 per cent of the plant’s annual need for electricity. In addition to reducing emissions, the project will improve the overall energy efficiency of the plant while also increasing its self-sufficiency and reducing its dependency on external networks.

The first solar panels will be put into use in summer 2017, and the solar power park will be completed over the next two years.

Atria Sun is one of the 11 spearhead energy initiatives funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in 2017. The spearhead initiatives are projects that best respond to Finland’s and the EU’s energy and climate goals for 2030.