Zero tolerance for salmonella

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Zero tolerance for salmonella

One special feature is prevention of salmonella at every stage in our food chain, from the feed industry to the finished product. Salmonella is one of the most common bacteria causing food poisoning. Finland has its own national legislation regarding salmonella prevention. In Finland, salmonella is not permitted to appear at any stage of the chain. Incidences of salmonella are regularly studied as part of self-monitoring and, if salmonella is discovered, it is eliminated immediately. Samples are regularly taken from farm production facilities to check for salmonella.

As regards the feed industry, Animal Welfare (ETT) maintains a positive list of companies in the sector who have committed to managing disease risks (quality assurance plan, salmonella prevention, analysis of imports). Atria's own feed factory, A-Rehu Oy, takes care of preventing salmonella at every stage in its operations by examining samples from raw materials, the environment, prepared feeds and transportation vehicles in accordance with its self-monitoring plan. Atria's producers only procure animal feeds from companies on the positive list. Industrial companies also investigate any incidences of salmonella as part of their self-monitoring procedures, with a focus on raw materials, the production environment and end products. 

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