Safe and nutritious – no unnecessary additives

Atria’s food production is based on the safety, healthiness and nutritional value of raw materials and processed products. Atria understands its responsibility towards consumers and public health, and this is also considered in our product development.

Atria has increasingly launched foods with a high vegetable content in response to consumer needs.

The starting point for all product development work is finding an optimal balance between consumer preferences and nutritional recommendations, as well as the provision of sufficient product information to support consumer choices.

Raw materials

Special attention is paid to the quality of the raw materials used in the products. The safety and purity of the raw materials, as well as their suitability for production, are ensured in the product development stage.

Atria does not use irradiated or genetically modified raw materials.

Only necessary additives

The need for additives is assessed in terms of consumer health and product safety. Only important additives necessary for product safety are used – and only if they all have a proven safety record.

Additives are listed under their group names on packaging. This indicates the purpose of the additive in the product. The name or E number of the additive is also listed. E numbers mean that the substance has been approved for use in the European Union.

The statutory restrictions concerning the use of additives are followed closely. Necessary additives are assessed on a case-by-case basis. For example, sodium nitrite is necessary in meat products to ensure product safety.  Atria actively monitors legislation and recommendations related to additives.

Moderate use of salt

Salt is an essential ingredient in all meat and cold cut products. It is used to improve flavour, texture and shelf life, among other qualities.

In many Western countries, people consume unhealthy levels of salt. Atria complies with national recommendations on sodium content and aims to actively develop low-sodium products, without compromising on the taste.

Atria Finland uses iodised salt in its products, in line with recommendations issued by the National Institute for Health and Welfare to improve public health.

Only Finnish meat in Finland

In addition to Group-level policies, Atria Finland is committed to using Finnish meat in Atria products. This commitment is a strong corner stone of corporate responsibility. Finns are proud of the tasty, high-quality meat produced in Finland. For this reason, the protein content of products is not artificially increased by adding meat protein, or dried meat powder, nor is monosodium glutamate used in the products.

In Finland, the high degree of domestic origin of Atria’s products is highlighted by its range of Heart Label products, which will be expanded further through choices of raw materials. At the end of 2016, Atria’s range of products included more than 100 Heart Label products.

Atria offers superior traceability of meat raw materials. In 2016, the company launched several products with labels showing their origin all the way back to the farm.