Packaging information

Statutory labelling on food packaging Packaging information for meat products must show the product's name, a list of ingredients, quantities of specific raw materials (the amount of meat in meat products), the weight of the product, the use-by date, the storage temperature, the manufacturer's contact information, nutritional content and, in line with legislative requirements, the country of origin of raw materials. In Atria-branded products, the meat raw material is always 100% Finnish and this is stated on the product packaging.  

The Hyvää Suomesta (Produce of Finland) label - also known as the swan label

The Hyvää Suomesta label denotes food from Finland. The criteria for obtaining a Hyvää Suomesta label are as follows:

  • The food is manufactured in Finland
  • At least 75 per cent of the raw materials are Finnish 
  • Meat, fish, eggs and milk must always be 100 per cent Finnish 

The Finnish Food Information (Finfood) association grants the right to use the Hyvää Suomesta label and monitors how it is used.

Heart Symbol

The Heart Symbol is a quick and easy way to denote high nutritional quality in food. The criteria for this label vary from one product group to the next. In the cold cuts product group, the criteria are low levels of fat and sodium. Products bearing this label are healthier choices in their product group.

At the end of 2015, Atria had around 100 Heart Label products in its range. The challenging aspect in gaining new Heart Labels is usually the sodium content. We have worked hard, particularly with cold cuts, to reduce sodium. The right to use the label is granted by an impartial panel of experts set up by the Finnish Heart Association, including nutritional experts from universities and associations.

EU organic logo

The organic label is granted by the Finnish Food Safety Association. It checks that farming complies with the EU directive on organic food. The organic label can be granted for agricultural products, animal feeds, foodstuffs and alcoholic drinks if at least 95% of the ingredients derived from agriculture have been produced in accordance with organic farming methods. The use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and derivatives in organic farming is forbidden.