Product development

Responsible products

Product development

Responsible products are safe, healthy and nourishing and they fulfil the expectations of consumers and customers. This section describes the principles and operating methods of Atria's product development work and nutritional responsibility. 

Product development takes account of the safety, healthiness and flavour of products, as well as the market need.

Atria's main product groups are fresh and consumer packed meat, meat products such as sausages and cold cuts, convenience foods and poultry products. Product development work encompasses further development of existing products and brainstorming and realisation of completely new products.

Strong market and consumer insight is key to the success of product development work. In 2014, Atria Finland established a new market data organisation known as the "Info Team" to ensure that all possible information on consumers and the market is made available in a form that helps all of Atria's experts to succeed in their work. The Info Team analyses matters such as how consumers’ attitudes and changes in their cooking habits influence grocery shopping.  

For example in the course of the year 2015 there were 85 new Atria products launched to the Finnish market, representing 6 per cent of all the sold Atria products in Finland