Atria's responsible operations are guided by interaction with its stakeholders

Atria’s chain of good food consists of primary production, industrial production, customers and consumers. Stakeholders are strongly present in the food chain, all the way from raw material procurement to the finished products and their use. Listening to stakeholders is one of the main pillars of corporate responsibility for Atria.

Atria meets its stakeholders’ expectations

Atria is continuously developing its operations in close cooperation with stakeholders.

Atria’s strategic partners consist of its customers, personnel, meat producers and shareholders, as well as its partners in the supply chain. Dialogue with these stakeholders constitutes the regular and systematic management of business.

Strategically influential stakeholders are composed of consumers, the authorities, funders, as well as influencers and the media. The activities of these stakeholders have a significant impact on Atria’s business, which is why Atria monitors their expectations and also actively aims to respond to them.

Other stakeholders to be monitored include educational institutions, municipal decision-makers and trade associations.