Atria Code of Conduct and Company Policies

The Atria Code of Conduct reflects the Atria Way of Work values defined by the company’s personnel: ”We focus on consumers and customers, we deliver quality, we are hungry for success and we enjoy our work.” By working in accordance with these values, Atria can guide its practical operations towards sustainable development and success by following uniform operating principles.

When we are all familiar with the common procedures, our everyday decisionmaking – where we all ultimately make a difference – will become easier and faster. This will enable us to better meet the expectations of consumers and customers as well as those of our shareholders. Only responsible companies can succeed.

The Atria Code of Conduct outlines the basic ethical principles that we value and respect in our everyday operations. Its supporting company policies and guidelines define and guide internally the behaviour that is expected from everybody working for Atria.

Atria is committed to the following international agreements and recommendations:

  • UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Convention on Rights of the Child
  • Agreement of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) on basic rights at work
  • UN Global Compact initiative for the promotion of human rights, rights at work and environmental protection and the prevention of corruption
  • OECD code of practice for multinational companies
  • Business Charter for Sustainable Development of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and ICC instructions against bribery and corruption
  • Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) purchasing principles

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Core policies
Operative policies

Atria also requires its business partners to commit to similar operating principles:

READ THE ENTIRE Atria Supplier Code of Conduct HERE

If one discovers or suspects violations of this code of conduct, company policies or statutory obligations related to Atria's operations, we hope that Atria will be notified immediately. Suspected breaches may be reported anonymously to the WhistleB reporting channel according to Atria's whistleblowing policy.