Turkey production

Atria's turkey production Atria's turkeys are always high-quality Finnish turkeys reared on Finnish contract farms. In Finland, turkeys

are produced by Länsi-Kalkkuna Oy, which supplies all of Atria's turkey. Turkey farms are located in Ostrobothnia, Southern Ostrobothnia, Satakunta and Southwest Finland.  The turkeys are reared free-range and are able to behave as nature intended: pecking at straw and bathing. They have constant access to fresh water and feed. The turkeys eat grain that is grown on the farm and their diet is supplemented with clean, high-quality industrial feed. At night, the lights in the hall are turned out and the turkeys can sleep for 8–10 hours as normal.

Turkeys that are born and reared in Finland have an exceptionally strong position in several ways. Thanks to disease prevention work, the birds are in excellent health and very little medication is used. However, good health is not to be taken for granted: it has required long-term work, which is still on-going. Ultimately, the turkeys' good health is due to excellent management of daily routines by the production farmers. Finnish poultry is free of salmonella. This is a matter of national pride, as well as a source of everyday security for consumers.