Finnish nature facilitates product safety

In terms of food safety, the northern conditions prevailing in Finland offer some advantages to our food chain.

With regard to groundwater, Finland is self-sufficient and the water we use is of a very high quality. Thanks to the plentiful water resources, there is no limitation to the amount of water that can be made available to animals. The water also fulfils the requirements set for household drinking water. Clean water reduces the risk of disease, as pathogens thrive in low-quality water.

The air quality in most of Finland is very good. In terms of airborne particles, Finland is also in a very good position.

In addition, our soil is very clean by international standards. In terms of the heavy metal content of the soil, Finland is one of Europe's cleanest countries. The occurrence of pharmaceutical residues in Finland’s surface and ground water is also among the lowest in the world. This is partly because antibiotics are not used as preventive treatments in animal production as they are in many other countries. Read more about how Finnish production is free of animal diseases.

The cool climate reduces the number of pests and the use of pesticides in Finland is below average, focusing mainly on weed killers. Finland has Europe’s lowest rate of pesticide residues in its raw materials and foodstuffs.