We operate responsibly every day

Safe Atria Quality

We operate responsibly every day

Ensuring product safety at Atria’s production plants means continuous measurement, monitoring and development to ensure safe working and manufacturing conditions.

At the slaughterhouse, each animal is inspected in accordance with legislation and only healthy, high-quality animals are used for food production. Critical management and control points for food product safety have been determined for production processes as part of the self-monitoring system.

Experts ensure the cleanliness of production facilities. All of the premises, machines and production lines in the factory are carefully cleaned every day after production has ended. In addition, the cleanliness of production facilities is visually assessed every day before production can start.

Employee hygiene practices are controlled continuously and through daily rounds as part of our self-monitoring system.

Hygienic conditions in the production environment are maintained at controlled levels of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Airborne microbe and humidity levels are constantly monitored, and surface wipe samples are collected on a regular basis. Products and facilities are controlled for the occurrence of pathogens.

The cold chain is kept intact by transporting finished products quickly to cold storage to be delivered to customers when orders are received.

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