Chicken production

Atria’s chicken chain includes around 90 family farms. The farms are located in Southern Ostrobothnia and the Tampere Region, close to the Nurmo and Sahalahti slaughterhouses.

Each farm has its own story, and the equipment and technologies may vary as well. Responsible operations are what they all have in common. This is evident in the fact that the daily chores are very similar on each farm, among other aspects. The chickens are taken care of in a jointly agreed-upon manner. This ensures a good life for the chickens and safe, tasty, high-quality products for consumers.

The parent stock of chickens is brought to Finland when the animals are one day old. Hens are reared until the age of around 18 weeks on farms that specialise in rearing chicks. After this, the birds are sent for egg-laying.

When the hens have laid eggs, the eggs are taken to a hatchery, where they are incubated for approximately 21 days. Hatched chicks are transported in temperature-controlled vehicles to farms in safe, clean boxes that are constructed specifically for the purpose.

The chickens are slaughtered at an age of around 5–6 weeks. The chickens are transported to slaughterhouses via a route that takes between ten and ninety minutes. The chickens are reared free-range in open halls on a surface of moisture-absorbent peat or sawdust.