Beef production

Atria has a total of almost 6,000 contract producers of beef all over Finland. There are farms as far south as Ă…land and as far north as Ivalo. We are the only meat company that procures meat from everywhere in the country. We promote beef production and rural diversity in everything we do. We offer our services to all farms equally and each producer receives the same price for the calves or slaughter animals that it sells, regardless of where in Finland it is located. 

Beef is obtained from cows that are bred for dairy and meat. Although dairy-breed bulls are essentially a by-product of dairy production, they constitute a significant proportion of all Finnish beef. Four of every five slaughtered animals are dairy-breed, and more than one third of these are dairy cows, with the rest being bulls and heifers. The number of farms breeding beef breeds has steadily increased since 2000.