A traceable origin ensures safety for consumers


A traceable origin ensures safety for consumers

Atria is proud of the origin of its meat. The Atria brand guarantees that all of the pork, beef, chicken and turkey we sell comes from a Finnish farm. Products with a Family Farm label show the origin of the meat all the way to the farm.

Traceability ensures safety. It serves to prevent any problems threatening food safety and ensures consumer awareness in the event of product recalls, for example.

The label indicating the origin of the meat provides the consumer with essential information about the product. The Family Farm presentations, videos and visits provide information about the origin of the meat and its production conditions. The Family Farm products can be traced all the way back to the farms. They have been developed in cooperation with the meat producers.

Atria has led the way in traceability since 2012, when the first Family Farm chicken products with farm-specific labels were introduced. In recent years, Atria has made significant investments in traceability in production and the transparency of the entire chain.