We produce the cleanest and safest food in the world

Atria's food is ethically produced and is the cleanest and safest in the world.

The world’s purest food is produced using meat from healthy Finnish livestock that are fed safe and uncontaminated fodder, consisting mostly of Finnish grain. Production is carefully controlled and safe.

Animal welfare is proven throughout Atria's food chain. From the field to the table, our products are completely open and transparent.

We take care of animal welfare

Our food chain takes care of the wellbeing of animals. We have a unique documented health care system worldwide that focuses on promoting animal welfare in a predictable way.

In Finland the health and the wellbeing of animals are primarily based on the professional skills of the producers, the right animal population, the good care of the animals, planned feeding and the management of conditions. Atria actively supports and guides producers in the development of sustainable primary production and animal welfare. We are working towards zero animal welfare incidents in our production chain.

The Atria chain has focused on developing animal conditions so that animals do not become ill. In terms of Finnish meat, we are pioneers in the production of antibiotic-free meat worldwide. Our target is to increase antibiotic-free production in the whole Atria.

The basic element of monitoring and developing the welfare of production animals is transparency and traceability. In Finland we already know the origin, rearing period, feeding and care of each animal. We are actively working to increase the share of products with fully branded traceability of animal origin in Atria Group.

Production sectors

Our products are safe and pure

We are proud of our products. The traceability of our food is already one of the best in the industry, even internationally. Our goal is to achieve a fully transparent food chain where all the raw materials, ingredients and packaging we use can be traced back to the consumer.

The product safety management systems used by our production plants are certified and monitored by independent third parties. In addition, extensive and competent self-monitoring ensures product safety in daily operations.

The Atria group has had few product recalls annually. We aim for zero product recalls.