Environmental responsibility in primary production

Studies have shown that the most significant environmental effects of the food chain are generated during primary production. Atria provides guidance to primary producers for increasing their environmental efficiency and recommends that its contract farmers sign up to the EU’s environmental commitment.

The EU’s environmental commitment includes actions at different levels to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. It is currently the most efficient way for society to jointly assure that the environmental impact of food production is taken into consideration. Over 90% of Finnish farms have signed up to the EU’s environmental commitment.

The environmental impact of Atria’s products throughout their life cycles is centred around the production of meat – the main raw material of its products. Producers play a key role in mitigating the environmental impact of primary production. In order for each farm to minimise its environmental impact, various solutions can be applied depending on the type of farm.

In addition to the climate impact of agricultural production, significant environmental effects include the water-intensity of production, eutrophication of water systems, acidification of soil, weakening of natural diversity and scarcity of natural resources. Special attention is being paid to these aspects in Atria’s primary production, and operating models are continuously being developed to further reduce detrimental environmental effects.