Environmental management at Atria


Our environmental system has had ISO 14001 certification since 1995 (Atria Finland), which demonstrates the comprehensive, goal-oriented approach to the management of environmental matters.

Taking environmental matters into consideration is part of Atria’s management and operational planning in the various stages of the product and service chains. Environmental responsibility is considered throughout the food chain.

At Atria, environmental responsibility means continuous, tangible operational development. For this reason, the company systematically measures the direct environmental impact of its operations, such as energy and water and wastewater values. Atria reports on its environmental performance in its annual Corporate Responsibility Report.


Material efficiency in food production

Atria uses nearly 100 per cent of its incoming raw materials. Raw materials and other materials that are not used in the food products are forwarded to the feed industry or for other reuse.

Of all incoming materials, only around one per mille end up as landfill or hazardous waste for which there is no use.