We are lowering the environmental impact of our products

Food production and its environmental impact are multi-faceted. We carefully monitor and manage the immediate environmental impact of our own industrial production. We also know the environmental impact of our production chain.

We increase the efficiency of our energy use continuously, use renewable energy sources to an increasing degree, reduce waste, develop ecological packaging solutions and consume water and other natural resources responsibly.

We minimise the environmental impact of our products by acquiring Finnish meat raw material, which is processed as resource-efficiently as possible, while also ensuring that our production lines are energy-efficient. The environmental efficiency of our production lines is monitored continuously. The highest quantity of energy and water is consumed by highly processed products, such as pre-cooked meat products.


We use renewable energy sources

One of the key ways by which we reduce our climate impact is a shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The Nurmo solar power park was completed in September 2018, and it generates around 5 per cent of the annual energy needed by the production plant. Atria is also participating in the construction of Finland’s largest biogas plant at its Nurmo plant. The biogas plant is being built by Nurmon Bioenergy Oy, of which Atria owns 10 per cent.

Atria Sweden transferred to renewable power during 2018 and now uses only renewable electricity. Atria Sweden also aims to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions from production by 50 per cent and from transport by 25 per cent by 2020.


We minimise waste

Atria strives to reduce food waste at every stage of the food chain The processing of raw materials so that they meet different consumer needs and situations reduces food waste and thereby also reduces products’ environmental impact. 

Ecological packages that are of the right size are one key way by which to reduce food waste. 

Packaging plays a key role in terms of product quality and safety. The packaging must protect the product on its journey from the packaging plant via the shop to the consumer’s home. 

We always develop the most optimal solutions for our products to ensure that the overall environmental impact of the packaged product is taken into consideration. The size and shape of packaging must address the client’s usage needs in the shop and the consumer’s requirements when the product is used. This also helps reduce waste.


Atria’s main principles in the selection of packaging solutions:

  1. The primary function of packaging is to protect the product and prevent food waste by informing the consumer about product qualities.
  2. Packaging must be material-efficient. We look for the most technically and economically functional solution, using the minimum possible amount of packaging material – without compromising on the primary function of packaging.
  3. The third most important factor is to look for environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as recyclable materials, for use in packaging solutions.
  4. All of Atria’s packaging can either be recycled or used to generate energy.
  5. Our packaging has been designed to make use of cold rooms as effectively as possible, during transportation and in the refrigerators of customers and consumers.