Towards a carbon-neutral food chain

Towards a carbon-neutral food chain

We share the common concern over climate change, which requires measures from all of us. Atria wants to be part of the solution, and this is why a carbon-neutral food chain is our most important goal. We believe that it is achievable by 2035.

These are the ways we achieve a carbon neutral food chain:

Accumulating scientific data

We work in close cooperation with industry research to be able to thoroughly identify the environmental impact of our operations and the entire food chain. Only then can we focus on the right development measures.

In practice this means studies investigating the actual emission factors of emission sources that account for Nordic conditions and the industry’s cooperation in standardising the calculation principles. We want the review of our food chain’s environmental impacts to be fair, transparent and comparable.

Energy and resource-efficient industrial activity

Our goal is to reduce the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of our industrial production significantly by 2025.

We will systematically replace fossil-based energy sources with renewable ones, and take active part in the development of renewable energy solutions. Atria Sweden shifted to renewable power during 2018 and now uses only renewable electricity.

Improving the efficiency of primary production

Our experts support farms in the development of sustainable primary production. We encourage our primary production farms to adopt energy-efficient solutions, to use renewable energy sources and to minimise waste while putting animal welfare first.

Farm-specific counters help producers to focus on the right development measures.

Reducing waste

The reduction of food waste is an efficient way to reduce the food chain’s climate impact. Ecological packaging innovations help consumers reduce waste.

In industrial production, our work against food waste has been going on for a long time – it is a self-explanatory part of our operations.

Technological innovations

We actively follow and support our industry’s technological development and the related research.

And now we have one of Finland’s biggest solar power parks at our disposal in Nurmo. The electricity it generates covers around 5 per cent of the annual energy need of our production plant. We are also participating in the construction project of Finland’s biggest biogas plant, which will, likewise, be located next to our plant in Nurmo.