Additives that affect colour and flavour

The colour of food is affected by factors such as the original colour of the raw material, the manufacturing process, the packaging and the storage time. Colourants are used to reinforce the product's own colour or ensure that the product retains its colour throughout its shelf life. Fresh, unprocessed meat must not be coloured. 

The colours used by Atria include plain caramel (E150a), carotenoids, which can also be found in green and orange plants, (E160a) and beetroot red (E162). Sodium nitrite also affects the red colour of meat products. 

Flavour enhancers (E620, E621, E627, E631) strengthen the flavours of products containing protein. The flavour of monosodium glutamate – umami – can be found in onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. Atria does not use monosodium glutamate in its products. We have also not compensated for the lack of monosodium glutamate by increasing salt content or adding yeast extract to products.