Additives used only when absolutely necessary

What is good food? Of course, we expect it to be tasty. We want it to be attractive in appearance, colour and aroma. And we want it to be nourishing, long-lasting and safe. Additives are commonly used to boost these qualities when food is made at home, in large households and in the food industry. Many additives occur naturally, and some are manufactured synthetically.

Additives are always used in a considered manner in the food industry. When recipes are being developed, the highest permitted quantities set for additives are taken into consideration. In general, Atria uses significantly smaller quantities of additives in its products than the legally permissible amounts.

Additives are used in Atria’s products to increase product safety, improve the structure, colour and flavour of the food, and ensure that these characteristics and the nutritional quality of the food are preserved for the entire shelf life.

What is an E number?