We support human well-being

Atria's primary concern is the well-being of its employees and consumers. 

We support the well-being of our consumers by providing tasty and healthy food in every meal. We want to provide our employees with safe and meaningful work where everyone has the opportunity to develop their own expertise. 


Tasty and healthy food for every occasion

Healthy and nutritious food is the basis of human well-being.

Atria invests consistently in nutrition research and education. In this way, we can better support people's well-being.

We are constantly developing existing products and inventing new ones. Product development work starts from forging a good balance between safety, nutritional qualities, taste and consumer preferences.

Just like our products, our consumer communications are also responsible.

Safe and meaningful work

We make substantial investments in well-being at work and this bears fruit: at Atria Finland, for example, employees retire more than two years later than Finns do on average.

Safety is an inseparable part of our operations. Improving safety means continuous long-term development work that requires careful attention every day. Common indicators have been defined for the whole company for the monitoring of well-being at work and occupational safety. Our goal is zero occupational accidents in the whole Atria group.

In addition to safety, it is important for us that our employees are able to develop professionally to meet the company's future needs. We want to offer a workplace where competent professionals thrive. Our goal is to be one of the most attractive employers in the food industry.