Corporate responsibility reporting

Atria’s Corporate Responsibility Report describes Atria’ impact on its operating environment and, through its numerous important stakeholders, on society as a whole. The report provides an account of the key events, results and effects in 2017 in terms of corporate responsibility, and illustrates how Atria considers corporate responsibility in its current and future operations.

As the basis for its reporting, Atria uses the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines, in which corporate responsibility is viewed from the perspective of economic, social and environmental responsibility.

The transparency and openness of operations are an integral part of Atria’s corporate responsibility policy. In addition to its Corporate Responsibility Report and website, Atria provides its internal and external stakeholders with information about corporate responsibility comprehensively, systematically, actively and continuously.

Atria’s first Corporate Responsibility Report was published in 2009.

Atria Corporate Responsibility Report 2017

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Atria Corporate Responsibility Report 2015   
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