Atria's responsible operations are guided by interaction with its stakeholders

Atria’s good food chain consists of primary production, industrial production, customers and consumers. Stakeholders are strongly present in the food chain, all the way from raw material procurement to the finished products and their use. Listening to stakeholders is one of the main pillars of corporate responsibility for Atria.

Consumers, customers, personnel, meat producers and shareholders are strategically important stakeholders to Atria. Other stakeholders include raw material and material suppliers, the authorities, financial institutions, educational institutions, local decision makers and the media.

Atria meets its stakeholders' expectations

Atria is continuously developing its operations in close cooperation with stakeholders. Stakeholder surveys help the company identify needs and expectations and evaluate its level of success. The most recent extensive stakeholder survey was carried out through open dialogue on the Internet in 2015. Atria’s operations were evaluated by more than 3,000 respondents from various stakeholder groups.

Product development and marketing at Atria are guided by insights into consumer needs gained from research on consumer behaviour. Consumer preferences and wishes ultimately determine the product groups and products that Atria supplies to retailers and other customers.

Finnish origin, traceability and animal welfare are significant for customers and consumers. Investors and financiers are interested in the company’s contribution to fighting climate change and other aspects, in addition to profitability and competitiveness.

Reliability is important for partners

Partnership with customers means long-term cooperation in which both parties listen to and understand each other’s needs, wishes and opportunities with regard to responsibility and other aspects.

Atria only deals with primary producers, subcontractors, customers and other business partners who are known to be trustworthy and honest. The company favours partners who, in addition to offering a reasonable price and high quality, are able to prove that they operate in line with high ethical standards. For example, one of Atria’s selection criteria for material and raw material suppliers is the quality of their environmental management system.