"Continuing on this path of openness and responsibility, we intend to further improve traceability"

"Continuing on this path of openness and responsibility, we intend to further improve traceability"

Food attracts interest, provokes discussion and evokes emotions

In 2016, food was discussed a great deal in the Nordic countries, at many levels and in many ways. The amount of discussion proves that the value and significance of food have increased in society. This is no surprise: food is at the core of human life.

Changes in lifestyles affect food in terms of daily purchasing decisions and future expectations. Food will always be at the core of human life. We want tastier, cheaper, more traceable, easier food that has minimal environmental impacts. To some extent, our expectations are contradictory, but the challenge can be resolved by doing things smartly and better than before.

The price of food has been decreasing in Finland for several years. Finns spend more than 10 per cent of their income on food. In Russia, the corresponding proportion is 50 per cent, which is an indication of differences between societies and culinary cultures

As a result of the price trends in Finland, the continuity of Finnish agriculture and meat production has been a cause for concern because the profitability of farms has decreased. This concern is related to sustainability. Atria is addressing this challenge by developing and introducing products that increase the total value of the food market

Sustainably, for every palate

Atria’s mission, “Good food – better mood”, reflects our way of thinking. Good food should be seen as a comprehensive concept: while taste is the first priority, other aspects must also be considered. We encourage people to enjoy well-balanced diets and to do so with a clear conscience.

Individual lifestyles must be respected, even in terms of food preferences. We want to offer a wide selection of options for each meal and make people feel good. We are always willing to discuss food, but we will never become food and lifestyle critics.

Our offering is based on food made from meat, even though our product selection includes dozens of vegetarian options. Meat is traditionally the most valuable food for people. For this reason alone, the modern meat industry must make effective use of slaughtered animals. Waste must be kept to a minimum and all of the material must be used when processing meat, while also creating high added value.

The principles of effective use and recycling are an integral part of our operations, but we are looking for new, even better practices. For this reason, resource efficiency is one of the focal points of Atria’s development. We do not content ourselves with the existing state of affairs – we always want to do things better than before.

Traceable food for consumers

A few decades ago, the origin of food products was easy to trace, as people lived in a primarily agricultural society, mostly in the countryside or in small population centres. The food on the table had come from fields, cowsheds and vegetable gardens that people could see from their own windows.  Urbanisation changed all this, but the origin and supply chain of food are now attracting more and more interest, for the first time in several decades.

Atria leads the way in information management related to the origin of food. The farm of origin and its location are indicated in the label on the packaging for each meat product. Continuing on this path of openness and responsibility, we intend to further improve traceability.

Juha Gröhn

CEO, Atria Plc