Atria employees are committed to their work

Atria carried out a Group-wide personnel survey at the beginning of 2015. The Group-wide response rate was an impressive 80.1%. In terms of employee job satisfaction, Atria falls into class AA, meaning that the company is at a good level. The responses also show that the employees are highly committed and are willing to recommend Atria as an employer.

The results vary by business area, and country-specific development measures based on the results constitute a key outcome of the survey. The goal is to integrate key development areas into day-to-day operations.

The development measures and positive aspects arising from the personnel survey have been linked to the Atria Way of Work values. The employees themselves have defined the Way of Work values which guide day-to-day work and HR activities at Atria.

Last year saw the coming of Atria’s Way of Leading programme, aimed at improving the management culture in Atria Group. Management policy involves interaction, participation and development. Next step will be incorporating the principles of Atria's Way of Leading into HR development tools: competence analysis, performance evaluations and supervisor training.