Treating animals well is the key to profitable production

At Atria, the monitoring and development of animal welfare are based on contract production and traceability. For example in Finland we know where each animal comes from, when it was raised, what it was fed and how it was treated.

Animal health and good output primarily depend on the professionalism of producers, good care of animals, systematic feeding and sound management of conditions.  Atria ensures that animals are treated well in its chain by means of quality requirements included in its production contracts and the terms and conditions of animal purchases and sales.

Atria has prepared production handbooks on each production species to assist producers. These handbooks provide clear guidance on the breeding, feeding, living conditions and health care of animals.

Atria’s contract producers are expected to follow the guidelines provided in the production handbooks. Their operations are monitored by means of inspections carried out by veterinarians at an interval of 1–12 months, depending on the sector.

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