Packaging materials

Environmental effects of products

Packaging materials

For consumers, the most tangible environmental effect of feed is the product packaging. Packaging plays a key role in terms of product quality and safety. The packaging must protect the product on its journey from the packaging plant via the shop to the consumer’s home. This is also an effective way to prevent food waste.

Atria develops the most optimal solutions for its products to ensure that the overall environmental impact of the packaged product is taken into consideration. The size and shape of packaging must address the client’s usage needs in the shop and the consumer’s requirements when the product is used.

Atria chooses its packaging solutions in line with a waste hierarchy that aims to prevent waste from being generated.

  1. The primary function of packaging is to protect the product and prevent food waste by informing the consumer about product qualities.
  2. Packaging must be material-efficient. We are looking for the most technically and economically functional solution using the minimum possible amount of packaging material without compromising on the primary function of packaging.
  3. The third most important factor is to look for environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as recyclable materials, for use in packaging solutions.
  4. All of Atria’s packaging can either be recycled or used to generate energy.

Atria Finland's innovative minced meat package, an easy-to-open vacuum pack, is an excellent example of combining environmental aspects with usability in food packaging. It significantly reduces packaging waste and the need for space in transport and storage. It also improves the shelf life of the minced meat.