Wastage is unnecessary - We will save millions of euros

We appreciate high-quality Finnish meat our most valuable raw material, which must not be wasted. Most industrial wastage can be avoided. We will save millions of euros if we can reduce wastage by one per cent.

Reducing wastage is often simple, and a meat industry professional can immediately see their work from this perspective. But reducing wastage can also be complex. We will not be able to eliminate all wastage, and the machines are doing what they are told to do.

Mika Ala-Fossi, Managing Director

Why does it pay to reduce wastage, Managing Director Mika Ala-Fossi?

“We have excellent opportunities to improve our company’s profitability and competitiveness simply by reducing wastage. Everyone can affect certain aspects of wastage. Each piece of wastage is unnecessary, as is every work phase that is carried out against instructions. Atria’s long, multistage process involves a large number of pieces and phases, as we well know. 

“Reducing wastage is majorly important for Atria. Every year, we spend hundreds of millions of euros on meat raw materials and other supplies. Everyone can have a significant impact on long meat and food product chains by doing their work carefully and precisely. This impact is reflected in the economy and the environment. 

“As part of Atria’s strategy, we seek to allocate all resources as accurately and appropriately as possible over the next few years. This concerns technology, equipment, energy and work processes, as well as raw materials. By allocating these accurately and appropriately, we will be able to operate as efficiently as possible. This often determines how we will fare in the competition.”

Rauno Väisänen, Group Vice President of Production Development

How will we proceed in terms of reducing wastage, Rauno Väisänen, Group Vice President of Production Development?

“We will proceed according to plan. We are developing indicators to monitor total wastage, specific wastage, food product wastage, reuse and value-related wastage. Wastage is caused by three factors in particular: the quality of raw materials, the calibration of production processes and reasons related to people. 

“Reasons related to people include how carefully employees handle raw materials, for example. Reducing wastage begins with everyone seeking to minimise wastage in their work in a smart, natural way. Calibrating production processes is a complex project, as the entire production line must be considered when selecting the measures. In other words, we must be aware of how each measure affects production as a whole.

“Not all wastage can be eliminated – including that generated during the cooking process – but it can be minimised. Some wastage can be eliminated almost completely. Such types of wastage include specific wastage and floor wastage, as well as process quality errors.”

Wastage is unnecessary – everywhere!

Reducing wastage begins with every one of us and concerns all Atria employees in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Estonia. Reducing wastage is a majorly important strategic project for the entire Atria Group.  In Finland, the project is headed by Rauno Väisänen, who is also responsible for the project at Group level.  Atria Scandinavia, Russia and Estonia have each assigned an employee to be responsible for the project locally. 

The project aims to create a model for continuous improvement. There are no quick rewards – the effects will take effect over the long term. Improvement requires systematic work and patience.  We have carried out systematic work in Finland and Sweden for years, and the results have been good.  The new project aims to further accelerate the minimisation of wastage and involve everyone. Everyone will benefit from the results as well. 

The minimisation of food production wastage, as well as food wastage in general, is an important, topical issue for manufacturers, the industry, retailers and consumers. Atria plays a key role in this chain.  

Atria is the leading company in many sectors of the food industry. Now we want to lead the way in reducing wastage as well.  We have what it takes to achieve this goal!
Beginning this autumn, the project slogan will remind everyone of the importance of minimising waste. The slogan is: Wastage is unnecessary! We will save millions of euros.