Traditions meet new flavours


Traditions meet new flavours


Swedish brand Lithells treasures its traditions as a manufacturer of high-quality sausages, but bringing new products to the market is just as important. Oskar Lithells Finaste is a good example of a product family that combines 100-year-old sausage-making skills with contemporary flavours.

Lithells proves the importance of brand management and shows how the company’s strong traditions of making high-quality sausages can be capitalised on even today. The Oskar Lithells Finaste premium selection consists of six products, which meet the requirements of the trend towards premium products prevailing in Sweden. Consumers want to buy simple and popular sausages that are carefully made by hand. Oskar Lithells Finaste is Lithells’ response to consumer wishes that also highlights the sausage-making traditions going back to the days of Oskar Lithell, the brand’s founder.

“We cherish the traditions of making sausages by hand developed by Oskar Lithell 107 years ago. Naming our new Oskar Lithells Finaste premium selection after him was therefore more than fitting,” says Caroline Blomqvist, Product Manager at Lithells.

Even though old traditions are important, Caroline stresses that the products in the Oskar Lithells Finaste selection are also what contemporary consumers are looking for. “These sausages appeal to today’s consumers. When the products were developed, we focused on preferred flavours and a high meat content,” Blomqvist says.

Besides the Oskar Lithells Finaste products, Lithells emphasises its roots in all other products. All of the brand’s packaging bears the text “Lithells since 1907”.