The first phase of commissioning the new pig cutting plant began


The first phase of commissioning the new pig cutting plant began

The first phase of the commissioning of Atria’s new pig cutting plant in Finland was begun according to the schedule. The plant, which represents state-of-the-art technology even on the global scale, will improve the productivity of Atria’s pork production significantly and enable, among other things, the increasingly precise traceability of meat batches.

The extension, the first phase of Atria’s new pig cutting plant, entered its commissioning phase, and the entire project is set to be completed during 2017. The approximately EUR 36 million investment allows Atria to improve the productivity of the pig cutting plant and the competitiveness of its entire pork chain. The investment is expected to generate annual savings of up to EUR 8 million in the cutting plant’s operations as of the beginning of 2018.

During the completed first phase, Atria rolled out the latest robot technology, thanks to which productivity can grow to a level that is among the best in the industry. The technology also enables the farm-specific traceability of increasingly small batches of meat. This has essential commercial significance in both Finnish and international markets.

The investment in Atria’s new pig cutting plant nearly doubles the production facilities at Nurmo’s existing pig cutting plant. The dimensioning of the facilities and the process’s technical solutions allows for the flexible integration of new technologies as capacity requirements change. The volume of pork processed by Atria grew in 2016, and stood at approximately 80 million kilos.

Investment in numbers:

EUR 36 million
Value of investment, most of which concerns technology and equipment

EUR 8 million
Estimated annual savings (in 2018), due to automation and production arrangements

4,500 square meters
of new production facilities added to the existing cutting plant of 2,700 square meters

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