Six ways to win

Six ways to win

We have defined six ways to win for our strategy that will guide our growth into a winning northern European food company.

Our six ways to win:

1. Win big in poultry
Poultry consumption is increasing steadily in Finland and globally. We are aiming for market leadership in poultry in Finland and are also seeking to strengthen our position in Sweden. The importance of this goal is illustrated by our investment in building a new poultry unit in Nurmo, Seinäjoki.

2. Expand in convenience foods
Convenience food is a growing market in all our business areas. By using customer and market information effectively we can both provide our customers with the convenience food categories they want and introduce interesting new products in our selections. Our strengths are high quality in all price ranges and strong brands. Sustainable, reliable and traceable production are our key competitive advantages.

3. Strengthen Foodservice including fast food
The Foodservice market continues to grow, because people are increasingly eating out. We are aiming to grow faster than the market. We seek to achieve this by strengthening customer relationships in the Foodservice and fast food sectors in all our business areas. In the fast food sector, our growth recipe is to increase the number of sales points and develop new products. Our strengths are a solid supply chain, reliability, and a high level of product safety and customer service.

4. Grow profitably in Sweden
In Sweden, our goal is to improve the profitability of our operations and achieve growth. We are seeking growth by increasing our share in retail, and in the Foodservice and fast food markets. We improve profitability through increased operational efficiency.

5. Optimize red meat
Our goal is to improve the profitability of red meat, especially in Finland. We seek to achieve this by improving operational efficiency, product category management and selection development. Strengthening export customer relationships also plays a key role in improving profitability.

6. Next level supply chain efficiency
Our goal is to improve supply chain efficiency in each area, from order to delivery. This is our goal in all business areas. We improve efficiency by investing in the latest technology, using monitoring data and strengthening our employees’ competence.

“We aim to be the winning food company in Northern Europe by 2025” (Video above)