Six ways to win

Six ways to win

We have defined six ways to win for our strategy that will guide our growth into a winning northern European food company.

Our six ways to win:

  1. Win big in poultry
    Our goal in Finland is to achieve the number one spot. In Sweden, we will strengthen our market share in fresh poultry. We will increase our production.
  2. Expand in convenience food
    We will seek growth in fresh convenience foods by investing in new products and taking advantage of our strong product brands.
  3. Grow profitably in Sweden
    In Sweden, we will seek growth in selected product categories and channels. We will also improve the cost-effectiveness of our operations.
  4. Strengthen food service incl. fast food
    Our aim is to grow faster than the markets in the Food Service channel. We will strengthen Atria Concept internationally as well.
  5. Optimize red meat
    We will continuously improve our efficiency in Finland and strengthen our export accounts.
  6. Drive next level SC efficiency
    Our goal is to be the most efficient supplier of fresh products in Northern Europe. We invest in cutting-edge technology.

“We aim to be the winning food company in Northern Europe by 2025” (Video above)