Sibylla continues to conquer the world


Sibylla continues to conquer the world

The year 2014 was very good for Sibylla. Its number of sales outlets grew significantly, mainly driven by growth in Russia. Sibylla has expanded its operations into Kazakhstan, Belarus and Hungary and, most recently, into Asia.

“This is still the beginning, though. Our sales are relatively small, and our distribution network is not extensive. We have plenty of work to do before we can start operating at full tilt in these markets. New markets pose challenges – for example, we are not fully satisfied with the performance of our pilot sales outlets in Hungary and we need to revise our plans. Launching new cooperation projects takes a great deal of time and resources. However, it is encouraging that we have the ability to attract new customers in entirely new markets where our company and brand are unknown,” says Toni Nora, General Manager, Atria Concept.

Asia is next

Last year, Sibylla carried out an extensive market survey of continued cooperation opportunities in Belgium, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. European markets have more purchasing power than Eastern European markets, but the competition is tougher as well. Opportunities for Sibylla in Asia have also been studied.

“The long distance is naturally a challenge, but we have decided to launch a project in Asia to evaluate the situation in more detail. It’s too early to say anything about the results, but we hope that we will be able to start a few pilot projects before the summer,” says Nora. “Our expansion plans sound very ambitious, but if you are not in the slightest intimidated by your plans, they are not big enough!”

Strong development for Sibylla in Finland

While new markets are exciting, existing ones must not be neglected. Sibylla has developed strongly in its existing markets, particularly Finland. Its sales have increased and its brand has strong visibility in Finland. On the other hand, customers are increasingly focusing on their own food concepts, and price competition is intensifying. Sibylla has lost some partnerships, even though its total distribution has increased.

“Our team has done excellent work, but we must ensure our competitive ability through increased innovation. We will strengthen our product selection in sausages, hamburgers and related additional products. Pulled Pork and Pulled Beef are new product groups worth mentioning.”

Sibylla is thriving in Sweden

The Sibylla fast food chain is enjoying a high level of success in Sweden. According to a recent customer satisfaction survey, it has overtaken McDonald’s and Burger King and is now the second most popular fast food chain after Max.

“One of our goals is to improve availability in places with high consumer traffic. Last year, we opened four new restaurants. In the autumn, Sibylla will open a flagship restaurant in the new Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm.

It will be the most centrally located Sibylla restaurant of all time – in what is going to be the largest shopping centre in Scandinavia. The flagship restaurant represents the future of Sibylla restaurants, so make sure that you take a look if you are travelling to Stockholm,” says Nora.