Atria’s Healthy Growth Strategy 2016–2020

Through its strategy, Atria strives to secure and improve profitability, boost growth and increase the company’s value. 

The new Healthy Growth Strategy highlights profitable operations and organic growth. In addition to organic growth, Atria will analyse opportunities for acquisitions.

The new strategy, covering the years 2016–2020, will retain and develop further the two main objectives of the previous strategy period: improving profitability and strengthening the balance sheet. As a financially strong, profitable company, Atria will be able to grow, transform itself and respond to continuous changes in the business environment in all business areas. 

Atria will put the strategy into practice by having each of the four business areas (Finland, Scandinavia, Russia and Baltic) implement their own development projects in seven focus areas. They will address changes in the business environment and our company’s financial objectives.

Atria's financial targets Target Achieved in 2017
EBIT 5% 2.8%
Equity ratio 40% 47.5%
Return on equity (ROE) 8% 6.7%
Dividend distribution of profit for the period 50% 54.4% (Board of Directors proposal)

Three themes

Commercial excellence
Commercial success will maintain and accelerate our growth. 

Enhanced efficiency will improve our profitability.

Atria Way of Work
Shared practices and values will ensure our profitable, healthy growth over the long term.

Seven focus areas

1. Market insight

We will make more extensive and diverse use of market and consumer data. We are a pioneer of management by information in our sector.

2. Category and brand management
We will strengthen the management and development of brands and categories. Our strong brands have the possibility to become even stronger. 

3. Sales excellence
We will develop and reinforce sales tools and customer collaboration with an open mind. We sit on the same side of the table as our customers. 

4. Daily operational efficiency
We will increase the efficiency of operations and productivity with regard to individual jobs, teams, departments, units, businesses and production plants.

5. Supply chain efficiency
We will increase the efficiency of operations, processes and steering in the entire supply chain in close collaboration with different parties in the chain.  

6. Resource optimisation
We will optimise the resources that are important to us, such as expertise and technology, raw materials and energy, work processes and times. 

7. Atria’s Way of Leading
We will develop management. Our management involves interaction, participation and development. We get things done: we focus on solutions, not problems.

Atria’s strategic goal is healthy, profitable growth. We will strive to create healthy growth via current functions and new functions.

Organic growth
The basis and backbone of Atria’s healthy growth is organic growth in every business area. We will strive to steadily increase net sales and EBIT to a healthy level.

New product segments
We will expand our business into new product segments. The basis for developing these and innovating will be comprehensive market and consumer data, which we are able to use to maximum advantage.

New markets
We will expand our operations to new geographical market areas. Expansion will begin with the current brands, concepts and products.

To accelerate growth, we will actively analyse opportunities for acquisitions.

The Healthy Growth Strategy addresses changes in the business environment

With the new Healthy Growth Strategy, Atria aims to respond to changes in the global and regional business environment. We see these changes as opportunities for growth that can accelerate our transformation.

Key drivers of change in the food market

Atria's Healthy Growth Strategy corresponds, among others, the following changes in the operating environment:

  • Consumers’ buying power is growing very slowly and price is gaining in importance.
  • Demand for meat is on the rise in Asia and unchanged in Europe.
  • In Atria's homemarkets consumption of white meat is increasing, red meat consumption is decreasing.
  • Efficiency and productivity are important throughout the chain.
  • Competition in the industry and between distribution channels is intensifying.
  • Consumer behavior will become more fragmented and it's anticipation is more ambitious.
  • The origin of products and the responsibility and transparency of operations are becoming increasingly important. 

Megatrends such as global economy, climate change and the adequacy of natural resources, as well as digitalization has an significant impact on Atria's business environment.