Atria strengthens its position in the Estonian retail market

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Atria strengthens its position in the Estonian retail market

Atria aims to strengthen its position in the Estonian retail market

In Estonia, Atria will continue its measures aimed at strong retail sales and efficient operations. In recent years, Atria's profitability has been at a good level in Estonia, and the updated strategy also underscores strong financial performance. In addition, work towards Group's common goals, such as a carbon-neutral food chain and committed personnel, continues.

– We will keep focusing mainly on the meat product retail market, where our position has been strengthened, and we will work to maintain this development. Naturally, our goal is to strengthen sales to the Horeca sector and industry as well, but volumes there are clearly smaller than in the retail sector, says Olle Horm, Executive Vice President, Atria Estonia.

Investments in the number one brand

The most significant of Atria's commercial goals is to strengthen the number one brand, Maks & Moorits, and at the same time streamline the whole production chain to increase overall efficiency.

Maks & Moorits is Atria's best-known brand in Estonia and its position relies on traditional meat products and high-quality raw materials. Strong efforts have been made to develop the brand, and last year Maks & Moorits became the most popular meat brand in Estonia with new, more environmentally friendly package.

– We will continue to strengthen Maks & Moorits with the aim of it becoming the most desired meat brand on the market. In practice, this means that we will continue active development work utilizing market information and investing in product marketing. In addition, we will maintain close relationships with our important customers. We want the flexibility and quality of our service to remain at its current, high level, Horm says.

Efficiency through primary production and new technology

In Estonia, Atria has its own primary production, which lengthens the production chain compared to other Atria’s business areas. Atria is the country's second largest pork producer.

– In the coming strategic period, our goal is to improve the efficiency of primary production while considering animal welfare. At the same time, we will increase the production volumes of fattening pigs because larger production volumes will increase the overall efficiency of our supply chain. We will also continue to invest in production technology and modernize our factory infrastructure, Horm describes.

According to Horm, work towards common Atria practices and the improvement of occupational safety will also continue in line with the previous strategy period. 

– We need to balance development activities with an optimal cost structure. We want to maintain the current, high-performance culture while improving the safety of our employees, Olle Horm concludes.


Atria in Estonia

Atria Estonia is part of Atria Denmark & ​​Estonia's business area. In Estonia, Atria is one of the leading manufacturers in the meat products and convenience food categories with a share of over 15% of the market. Atria’s best-known brands are Maks & Moorits and Wõro. In Estonia, Atria also has its own primary production and Atria is the country's second largest pork producer. In 2020, Atria Denmark & ​​Estonia's net sales were EUR 106.8 million, and the company had 439 employees.

Photo: Olle Horm, Executive Vice President, Atria Estonia