Winning Northern European Food Company

Atria’s strategic goal is renewal in order to become the winning northern European food company. Renewal of our company’s operations and offerings, profitable growth and the increase of ownership value support the three pillars of our operations and culture for all our stakeholders: commercial expertise, efficient functioning and responsible and sustainable values.



See what steps we are going to take to achieve this goal.

Six strategic goals

1. Strong financial performance

We aim to grow faster than the markets, and to maintain a strong balance sheet as well as a good financial position and profit-making ability.

2. Most desired brands

Our goal is for our brands to be the most recognisable and highly recommended within their product categories across all our business areas. We want our products to be our customers’ number one choice.

3. Preferred partner for the customer

We want to be our customers’ best partner, the one with whom they can implement value creation programmes that improve the customer experience and customer satisfaction.

4. Committed personnel

We will strengthen our personnel’s commitment and competences. Safety is our top priority.

5. Leader in sustainability

Our most important goal is to have a carbon-neutral food chain by 2035. Animal welfare, increasing antibiotic-free production and reducing carbon dioxide emissions are our other key goals.

6. Best partner for owner-producer

We will develop our operations in a way that enables the lasting success of our owner-producers. We want to offer the best channel for contract producers' meat throughout Finland.

Changing operating environment

Our operating environment is developing strongly, although the speed and focus of the changes varies from one business area to the next. As a financially strong, profitable company in line with its strategic goals, we will be able to renew and respond to the continuous changes in the operating environment in all of our business areas. 


The following factors will change our operating environment to a considerable degree:

  • Increased consciousness: healthy lifestyle, sustainability and animal welfare

  • Demand shift from red meat to poultry & plant-based

  • Trend towards convenience, ready-meals, snacking

  • Growth and new opportunities in Food Service over time and increases role of digital channels & private label

  • Increasing volatility, uncertainty, protectionism and demand for local products