Atria’s mission, vision and way of work

Good food – better mood.

Atria’s operations and purpose are encapsulated in our mission, which is also our motto. By producing good food, we contribute to the well-being of all of our stakeholders. Atria’s good food covers the entire food chain from field to table. The food is sustainably produced, nutritious and safe. 

We create inspiring food for every occasion with strong brands and passion.

Atria’s vision is deeply embedded in the Healthy Growth Strategy. We want to be a part of all daily and festive meals of consumers, which means providing a diverse and large selection of food items. Our advantages include consumer insight, substantial resources and the strong confidence of consumers and customers. 

We focus on consumers and customers. 
We are hungry for success.
We deliver quality.
We enjoy our work.

The Atria Way of Work is an expression of our day-to-day operations and values. More than 3,500 Atria employees, or some 75 per cent of the Group’s personnel, participated in defining them through a number of surveys, workshops and meetings. The reception was enthusiastic, and the work was continued with the development of leadership practices. In 2015, managers and executives defined the principles of Atria’s Way of Leading. Both of  these projects had a long-term goal: to secure Atria’s sustainable growth.


Atria believes in people management, communicating with employees and engaging them. Supervisors and experts support and encourage employees during their development. Our supervisors encourage others to create ideas, and they set realistic and demanding targets, even for themselves. We can do great things because our supervisors lead by example and experience. We focus on solutions, not on problems.

Code of conduct