Mission, vision and enablers

Mission, vision and enablers

Our mission and vision steer our operations towards our set goals. The strategy enablers are our basic strengths, which ensure our company’s success beyond strategy periods.


We create inspiring food for every occasion. Our success is based on inspired people and the most preferred brand.

Good food – Better mood.

Our operations and purpose are encapsulated in our mission, which is also our motto. By producing good food, we contribute to the well-being of all of our stakeholders. Atria’s good food covers the entire food chain from field to table. The food is sustainably produced, nutritious and safe.


Winning Northern Europe Food Company

Our vision defines the geographical area of our operations and the industry where we operate. It sets the targets to our business. We want to be a winning food company in Northern Europe.


The Atria Way of Work is an expression of our day-to-day operations and values.

We focus on consumers and customers
We deliver quality – we rely on our brand
We are hungry for success
We enjoy our work


Strategy enablers

  1. Improve commercial excellence
    Maintain and accelerate our growth. Our skills in brand building, carefully thought-out sales and marketing processes, as well as product development that lives in the moment, are the prerequisites for our commercial success.
  2. Continuous operational efficiency
    Improve our productivity and profitability. We focus on these by investing in new technology and making sure that our operations are cost-effective. The monitoring and development of various processes form a part of our continuous activities.
  3. Improve Atria Way of Work
    Ensure profitable growth in the long run. People are at the core of our strategy. A safe working environment, competence development and performance management as well as doing things responsibly, according to Atria’s values, are central to our success.