Atria Sweden

Atria Sweden

Atria Sweden produces and markets meat products, fresh chicken products, cold cuts and different kinds of meals mainly for the Swedish food market. Atria Sweden has several valued, widely known brands, many of which are market leaders in their respective categories. Atria is also a strong private label supplier. In 2022, Atria Sweden's net sales were EUR 356.2 million and the company had 819 employees. The meat raw material used in Atria’s product categories is mainly of domestic origin.


  • Retail trade
  • Foodservice customers
  • Sibylla concept customers
  • Export customers

Core categories

  • Cold cuts
  • Sausages
  • Fresh poultry products
  • Convenience food
  • Vegetable and delicatessen products

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Atria Sweden has several valued brands, with the best-known being Sibylla, which is Atria Group’s most international brand.

Atria's market and market position in Sweden

The value of the market for sausages and cold cuts in the Swedish retail trade in 2022 was about EUR 1 billion. The value of fresh poultry products represented by Atria was EUR 309 million (EUR 290 million in 2021). In 2022, the change in value in the cold cuts market was 3.7 percent (–1.3% in 2021), in sausages 3.7 percent (–4.8%) and in fresh poultry products 6.6 percent (0%).

The Swedish consumer goods retail trade is very consolidated. The largest players are ICA, Axfood and Coop. Private label products have a strong position in the stores’ selections. The value of the Foodservice market in Sweden is growing.

The decline in demand for red meat in Sweden is being offset by poultry products and vegetable-based alternatives. The role of organic products in the food market is significant.

Market share and competitive position

Atria is the second largest market in Sweden with a share of about 19 percent in sausages and almost 13 percent in cold cuts. In fresh chicken products, Atria was third in the market with a 17% share in 2022. Atria is a strong private label supplier and its supplier shares in the Foodservice market are significant.

The largest market operators in Atria’s product groups are Atria Sweden and Scan AB. About 25 percent of the market is held by small companies with net sales of less than EUR 5 million.

Atria’s key business drivers and competitive advantages in Sweden are comprehensive, flexible product groups and services. The company’s brands are well respected brands and internationally competitive. Atria is an innovative and responsible company valued by customers and consumers.

Implementation of Atria Group’s strategy in Atria Sweden in 2022

Win big in poultry
Expand in convenience foods
Strengthen Foodservice, including fast food
Improving the profitability of red meat
Increasing profitability and competitiveness
Improving supply chain efficiency

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