Atria Finland

Atria Finland

Atria Finland is responsible for the Group’s operations in Finland, the Group’s single most important business area. Atria Finland develops, manufactures, markets and sells fresh meat and other foodstuffs and provides services related to them. Atria is the market leader in Finland’s slaughterhouse industry and several meat categories and has significant export operations. The number of personnel is about 2,300. Atria has primary production in Finland, managed by A-Farmers Ltd. All of the meat used in the products of the Atria brand is Finnish.

Core categories


Cold cuts Retail trade
Meat products, such as sausages Food service customers
Fresh meat and consumer-packed meat Food industry
Poultry products Sibylla concept customers
Convenience food Export customers
Animal feed  


The figures below for Atria Finland are for 2017. The latest reported figures are here.