Atria Finland

Atria Finland

Atria Finland is responsible for the Group’s operations in Finland, the Group’s single most important business area. Atria Finland develops, manufactures, markets and sells fresh meat and other food products and provides services related to them. Atria is the market leader in the slaughterhouse industry and many of its product categories in Finland. It also has substantial export operations. In 2022, Atria Finland had net sales of EUR 1,265.3 million and 2,437 employees. All of the meat used in the products of the Atria brand is Finnish.


  • Retail trade
  • Foodservice customers
  • Export customers
  • Sibylla concept customers
  • Food industy

Core categories

  • Fresh and consumer packed meat
  • Poultry products
  • Cooking products, such as cooking sausages
  • Cold cuts and spreads
  • Convenience food
  • Animal feed
  • Pet food

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Atria Finland's leading brand is Atria. It is one of the most well-known and respected food brands in Finland.

Atria's market and market position in Finland

The value of the meat and meat product market in Finland totaled approximately EUR 3.34 billion in 2021 (EUR 3.12 billion in 2021). The volume growth of meat products for the consumer goods retail trade is 1–2 percent on an annual basis (0% in 2022). The value growth of products in 2022 was 8.1 percent (2.3%).

The Finnish consumer goods retail trade is consolidated. The largest players are the S and K Groups, with a combined market share of approximately 80 percent. Lidl's share is about 10 percent. There is intense price competition in the consumer market in meat and processed-meat products. The share of private labels is significant, although the strongest growth has leveled out.

The domestic share of meat consumption is a little more than 80 percent. In the long and medium term, consumption of poultry will increase, pork consumption will remain almost unchanged, consumption of beef will decrease.

Market share and competitive position

Atria Finland is the market leader in the consumer goods retail trade in the product groups it represents, with a supplier share of approximately 25%. Similarly, it is the market leader in the Foodservice sector with a share of about 21% in terms of value.

The largest players in the meat and meat products market in Finland are Atria Finland Ltd and HKScan Finland Oy. Atria is the market leader in the slaughterhouse industry.

Atria’s key business drivers and competitive advantages are supply chain efficiency and reliability, large scale and high productivity. The Atria brand is strong and the company is commercially excellent. Atria is a responsible company valued by customers and consumers in both the domestic and export markets.

Implementation of Atria Group’s strategy in Atria Finland in 2022

Win big in poultry
Strong financial performance
Best partner for owner-producers
Leading the way in sustainability
Expand in convenience foods
Improving the profitability of red meat
Strengthen Foodservice, including fast food

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