Atria Denmark & Estonia

Atria Denmark & Estonia


Atria Denmark and Estonia produces and markets cold cuts, meat products, convenience foods and consumer-packed meat for the Danish and Estonian food markets. It boasts valued, widely known brands, many of which are market leaders or hold the second position in their respective categories. Atria has two production plants in Denmark and one in Estonia. The number of personnel is about 430. The meat raw material used in Atria’s product categories in Denmark and Estonia is mainly of domestic origin. Atria has its own primary production in Estonia, and is the country’s second-largest pork producer.


  • Retail trade
  • Food Service customers
  • Export customers

Core categories

  • Meat products, particularly sausages
  • Cold cuts and spreads
  • Convenience food
  • Fresh and consumer packed meat

Additional information:

The figures below for Atria Denmark and Estonia are comparative figures for 2019. The latest reported figures are here.

Atria Denmark & Estonia strategy implementation 2019 

Atria Plc's strategy

Atria’s main brands in Denmark are 3-Stjernet and Aalbaek Speliaciteter. In Estonia, the main brand is Maks&Moorits, which is complemented by the regional VK and Wõro brands.

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