Atria invests EUR 30 million in restructuring of the Swedish production

Atria invests EUR 30 million to restructure the Swedish production. The investment includes an expansion and new machinery in the plant in Sköllersta. With the restructuring, the production in Malmö will be moved to the plants in Sköllersta and Moheda in Sweden and to Hansted in Denmark. The move is expected to be completed during 2023.

By centralizing production to fewer plants, Atria wants to ensure its future competitiveness with more efficient production and logistics with a lower climate footprint.

– This investment enables long-term sustainable operations for Atria in Sweden, where we can meet the demand of our consumers also in the future, says Jarmo Lindholm, Executive Vice President, Atria Sweden.

Atria has approximately 160 employees in Malmö. The move can be completed in 2023 at the earliest and until then production will continue in Malmö. After that, Atria plans to sell the factory building in Malmö.