Atria Finland renews its traditional brand logo

Atria, which turns 117 this year, is renewing its brand logo in Finland. The reform will come in packaging from August 2020. At the same time, Atria brand image of packaging is being renewed: traceability, responsibility and Finnish origin are more clearly emphasized in product packages.

- According to researches, Atria's traditional red-green brand logo is one of Finland's best-known food industry logos. In its current form, the logo has served us since 1991. As the world and brands change, there is a need to modernize our logo in line with the brand's values, says Sanna Päällysaho, Atria Finland's Marketing Director.

The new logo communicates more clearly the values of the Atria brand: long traditions and strong know-how, Finnish family farms behind the raw material of the brand's products, and responsibility. The renewal of the logo and packaging visuals will continue to renew Atria's brand image. Our aim is to bring out approachability, community and warmth.

- The reform work was started already last year. This has been a big effort for Atria Finland's marketing team. It has involved a lot of design and multi-stage studies. One of the efforts is to make the logo visible on packaging and numerous other surfaces. The logo was created in cooperation with the British design agency BrandMe, says Päällysaho.