Atria Solar Power Park completed

The last panels of the Atria Solar Power Park were installed in September 2018 and the project is fully ready for solar panels. Atria Nurmo's factory has the largest solar park in Finland. The construction project completed in its timetable was launched in June 2017 and has produced energy for Atria's needs since July 2017.

Concerns about climate change have brought a variety of clean energy options to the food industry too. One of the alternatives is solar energy. Atria wanted to seize a clean and domestic alternative and built the largest industrial solar solar power park in Finland.

At the same time, the Atria's solar project promotes technological development as the project identifies information for general knowledge. The energy technology findings of the Solar Power Park will benefit not only Atria but also future solutions in the field. The project will continue in the next phase for studies on electricity storage and electricity control.

Facts and figures about Atria's Solar Power Park:

  • The total investment of the solar power station is EUR 6.8 million. The work has been carried out jointly with Solarigo Systems Oy.
  • Atria Solar is part of energy project projects, which have been granted state subsidies of  2.72 million.
  • The solar power station's peak power is about 6 MWp and it generates 5 percent of the yearly electricity demand of the Nurmo factory, ie about 5,600 MW. This amount would be enough to accommodate 3,000 apartment buildings for electricity consumption.
  • At its best, Atria's solar power park produces about 50 megawatt hours per day.
  • All solar energy is used for the Nurmo factories, including at weekends.
  • The solar park has about 22,000 individual solar panels. The size class corresponds to nine football fields.
  • Atria's solar park produces 10 % of all solar energy produced in Finland.